Wondering why you have received an email requesting a security check?

We care about our customers and the protection of their funds.

All online retailers receive fraudulent transactions, which causes both the retailer and the innocent parties much inconvenience and distress. We have a security system in place that flags orders which details need to be confirmed. Don't be alarmed if this is you! This may simply be because your card does not match the new address you have just moved into or may be due to other reasons.

Our team will contact the cardholder and simply confirm details with them to ensure it is the card owner that has placed the order and not an online scammer using the card fraudulently! Once details are confirmed, orders are resumed and processed as normal.

In no way is this process intended to discriminate, offend or inconvenience our customers; we genuinely want our customers' details to be secure when shopping online.

Thank you for understanding